Foundation installation

We install foundations of various types of buildings - drilled, striped, planar. Depending on your building design, materials, ground, terrain and other factors, we will offer you the most appropriate foundation solution. We guarantee quality and timely work.

Roof installation and repair

Our services include coating of pitched and coiled roofs, installation of rainwater drainage systems, waterproofing, installation of ventilation systems. Properly selected type of roof and proper installation is a very important part of the construction work, as the roof has a significant impact on the thermal insulation and energy efficiency of the building. We will help you choose the optimal roof type and the most suitable materials.


We do the following work: facade decoration and restoration, preservation. We paint the facades, renovate the décor, renovate the facade wall, reinforce concrete constructions and perform other works as needed.

Indoor interior

We offer all the interior finishing works of the building - ceiling installation, wall covering and painting, plastering, wallpaper removal / gluing, tiling, etc. Our masters work professionally and responsibly, ensuring quality and aesthetic results.


Our range of activities is all the renovation work of the building. We renovate the building's structural elements, replace windows and doors, glaze balconies, renovate heating and plumbing systems, insulate facades and roofs. We also repair and replace electrical installations, perform finishing works.